IRT Infrared Curing of Paint

There is a very high gas cost in using baking ovens to cure paint. With the cost of a bake oven cycle in the region of £12, this means that for any body shop the annual cost is very high. In order to significantly reduce this cost for the paint curing of up to a few panels at a time, it is far cheaper to utilise IRT Infrared Curing Paint equipment, which can completely cure base coat in 4 to 8 minutes and top coat in 6 to 10 minutes.

You are looking at a curing cost of up to only 20 to 30 pence per coat, which is a massive saving over a year, plus the additional throughput that you can achieve with the speed of cure.This is why most of the major car manufacturers in the UK use and trust IRT Infrared Curing Paint equipment for their new car re-finishing, due to it’s speed, quality of cure and it’s longevity.

Please call us on 01327 300700 to discuss how we can help you significantly reduce your costs and also improve your productivity.

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FlexiTherm is here!

There has been a problem with sinkage of vehicle joints after being glued, for example where a new roof has been put on a car, resulting in return of the repaired car and re-work on the joints. This problem has been caused by the glue all around the joint not been fully cured after being infrared cured from one side. The innovative FlexiTherm, multi-pad curing system, resolves this problem by ensuring a uniform cure of all the glue, within a mere 45 minutes using pre-set programmes.

It is very easy to use, provides guaranteed results and enables an operator to carry on working on the car at the same time, meaning that the job can be completed far quicker!

To find out more about this multi-pad curing system, call us on 01327 300700 or email

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Bodyshop Solutions appointed as Vamag UK Distributor

Bodyshop Solutions Ltd have been appointed UK distributor for Vamag srl, in Italy, for their superb market leading ranges of 3D Wheel Aligners, Tyre Changers and Wheel Balancers. Vamag are a very innovative Italian manufacturer, based in Cassano Magnago, Italy. They are celebrating their 35th anniversary this year and are well known throughout the world, supplying over 50 countries.

3D Wheel Aligner – Vamag`s “New Dimension” 3D Wheel Aligner is a good example of their excellent products, with its unique suspended HD cameras from both sides of the vehicle, providing clear floor space underneath. It can also be floor or walled mounted if required. The New Dimension will significantly increase your productivity and revenues, as it provides very fast and accurate results in under 5 minutes, with no need for “roll back” or for “run-out compensation” when using hang-on tyre targets. In addition, the New Dimension has an easy to access full vehicle data base, using Autodata, and has the added benefit that it can be retro-fitted to existing 4 post lifts. This system will give you a fast pay-back.

Mark Swaby, Chairman at Bodyshop Solutions, commented : “We are delighted to have been appointed UK Distributor for Vamag, with their excellent innovative products, which will certainly enhance our ever widening range of market leading products and solutions that we are supplying for the UK Bodyshop market.”

Please information please contact  David on 01327 300700 or via email We would be happy to arrange a demonstration!

For further information on the Vamag 3D Wheel Aligner please see our website link : VAMAG 3D Wheel Aligner

Tyre Changers and Wheel Balancers – In addition, Vamag has excellent ranges of fast and robust Tyre Changers and Wheel Balancers to complete jobs efficiently and quickly.

For further information on the Vamag Tyre Changers please see our website link : VAMAG Tyre Changes

For further information on the Vamag Wheel Balancers please see our website link: VAMAG Wheel Balancers

Please contact : David on 01327 300700 or for further information or to arrange a demonstration.

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