Bodyshop Solutions – IRT UV SpotCure – Cure UV Paint in Seconds!

Bodyshop Solutions is very pleased to announce the UK launch of the IRT UV SpotCure, the best performing and most powerful handheld UV curing solution on the market. It is equipped with 4 x 100W LED modules emitting UV and visible light, is easy-to-use and robust, and will enable you to cure UV paint in seconds rather than minutes!! The IRT UV SpotCure uses very high light intensity of UV-A plus a wide wavelength band, to ensure that UV paint is 100% cured every time. Furthermore, it covers a curing area typically 10 times larger than its competitor products, whilst the low energy consumption and the long LED lamp life keep the curing costs per job very low. It is also designed to meet international safety standards and regulations.


Key Benefits over Leading Competitors:

  • Very Fast Curing Time – in seconds!!
  • Most Powerful Handheld UV Spot Cure on the market at 400W (x 4 more power than competition)
  • Achieves x 2 Light Intensity on the surface to ensure 100% cured

(at 8 mW/cm² against the competitor intensity of only 4 mW/cm² )

  • x 10 Larger Curing Area covered
  • Over 20,000 hours LED lamp life

Mark Swaby, Chairman of Bodyshop Solutions, commented: “this is the fastest and most powerful handheld UV curing unit on the market and will really speed up your repair process and improve your profitability. You will be amazed how it cures in seconds!!”       

Please see the very fast UV SpotCure in Action on the following link: 

Please see the UV SpotCure on

For More Information Please Call: David or Emma at Bodyshop Solutions on 01327 300700 (option 3)

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JLR approve their XPress 800 Riveter + XLogic Workstation.

Bodyshop Solutions are very pleased to announce that Jaguar Landrover (JLR) have now approved the new XPress 800 riveter + XLogic Workstation. This equipment is an “All-in-One” riveting solution for JLR body shops, covering all self-piercing rivets, blind rivets and riv nuts, that has been specifically tailored by the manufacturer Wielander & Schill, in Germany, to meet JLR`s needs. The Xpress 800 + XLogic Workstation is a very versatile, modular tool, that provides excellent control over input pressure and has an output pressing force of up to 85kN`s – well above JLR`s existing requirements.

The Xpress 800 + XLogic Workstation is very much a “Future Proof” tool, because of its comprehensive riveting use, its significant output power and its modular basis, enabling it to be added to over time.

Upgrade Set

For those JLR body shops that already have an XPress 800 riveter, this can be upgraded to a JLR approved riveting package by purchasing the “Upgrade Set”, as follows:

1 x Workstation including XLogic air pressure control

1 x Short Stroke Cylinder SSC 40mm

1 x Compressed Air spiral hose 4 m


Features and Benefits:

  • XLogic air pressure control guarantees work process reliability
  • Air Pressure tank is integrated in the tubular frame of the workstation
  • Covers Self-piercing rivets, Blind rivets and Riv Nuts
  • Press force between 10kN to 80kN
  • Pulling power for blind rivets up to 80kN
  • 100% compatible with the XPress 800 modules and system
  • Complete modular package that can be added to
  • All-in-One Solution that will “futureproof” your riveting equipment requirements


Mark Swaby, Chairman of Bodyshop Solutions, stated “we are delighted that this superb riveting system, including XLogic Workstation which has been specifically developed for Jaguar Landrover, has now been approved by them. It will really give body shops a fantastic all-in-one, very productive tool for all their riveting needs”.

For more information please call:

David or Emma at Bodyshop Solutions on 01327 300700 (option 3) and also see the Bodyshop Solutions website on


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The MEC 600 Precise Metal Edge Cutting Tool is here!

The MEC600 Precise Metal Edge Cutter is a revolutionary fast pneumatic tool that will securely and precisely cut the outer metal skin of a car body panel, to ensure that there is no damage to the inner metal skin. It is great for Doors, Boot Edges, Wheel Arches and Roof Edges, and it will cut steel, aluminium and laser welds. The MEC600 uses an innovative tungsten carbide special milling cutter. It is very easy to use and adjust to the right metal thickness and will save you a lot of time and avoid costly damage to inner metal skins during car body repairs.

To find out more about the MEC 600, call us on 01327 300700 or email

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