Bodyshop Solutions Launches the Celette Cameleon Premium “Universal Bracket” System

Celette Cameleon Universal Bracket System

Celette have launched the Cameleon Premium, which is a superb ‘universal bracket’ system, using your existing Celette Jig Bench. This will enable you to achieve a complete and accurate repair solution for all existing and future vehicles, without the need for individual jig brackets for each vehicle.


Benefits and features of the Cameleon Premium include:

  • Online, easy to use 3D software ensuring up-to-date vehicle database all the time
  • Quick construction Cameleon fixtures
  • Fast and accurate repair
  • Uses your existing Celette Jig Bench, Beams, MZ towers and MZ+ pistons
  • Complete solution for measuring/diagnosis, anchoring, re-construction and repair
  • Brackets always immediately to hand - speeds up your ‘key to key’ time
  • Fast payback and ROI on investment
  • Approved by Tesla


Video Please see the Video Link regarding the Celette Cameleon

Mark Swaby, Chairman of Bodyshop Solutions, commented: “With the Cameleon Premium, Celette have developed a really excellent, easy to use, “Universal Bracket” System, which really does enable you to complete a fast and accurate repair of all vehicles. This means that you always have brackets immediately on hand for repairs, which will improve your efficiency and your key to key times”.

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