AIR2 SAN – Unique Vehicle Sanitiser

Excellent Vehicle Sanitiser that Automatically and Optimally Sanitises Vehicles with Ozone to Eliminate Viruses and Bacteria, with printable Sanitisation Certificate


The AIR2 SAN is a Unique Vehicle Sanitiser developed and manufactured by TEXA, in Italy, that solves the big issue of keeping vehicles properly sanitised. The AIR2 SAN Automatically and Optimally saturates the vehicle with ozone, using sensors to take account of the size of the vehicle, temperature and humidity, to eliminate viruses and bacteria in the vehicle, before converting the ozone safely back to oxygen.

The AIR2 SAN has a Free Downloadable APP to easily check the sanitisation process, step by step.

Importantly, at the end of the AIR2 SAN process you can print a document to certify that the vehicle has been properly sanitised, to provide your customer with confidence and assurance.

Key Benefits

  • Automatic Sanitisation of Vehicle Compartment by:

  • Fully automated process – no need for timers.
  • Transforms the oxygen in the air into ozone.
  • Using sensors to take account of vehicle size, temperature and humidity – to maintain the OPTIMAL amount of ozone.
  • Eliminates viruses, bacteria, mildew and fungi.
  • Safely converts the residual ozone post-procedure into oxygen before opening the vehicle – to protect the health of the operator and customer.
  • Fully Controlled from Outside of the Vehicle by:

  • Bluetooth remote control + free downloadable AIR2 SAN APP
  • Step by step progress check of the process.
  • PDF printable service report document, certifying proper sanitisation of the vehicle, for customer assurance.
  • Using AXONE Nemo diagnostic tablet, if you have it, from the TEXA ADAS system.
  • HEPA H13 input filter eliminates fine dust particles before transforming oxygen into ozone, enabling:

  • Risk eliminated of producing dangerous nitric acid.
  • Longer life span of ozone generator.

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