1.4 Tonne ASTRA Table Lift

This Robust and Versatile 1.4 tonne Pneumatic Table Lift and Jig Set will really help you Easily and Safely move all your heavy Electric Batteries, Engines and Gearboxes.

This 1.4 Tonne Table Lift is another excellent product made by ASTRA in Spain, that will really help improve your body shop efficiency.

1.4 tonne Astra Table Lift

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Robust Lift with a 1.4 tonne Lifting Capacity

    Well made, very solid lift, with a lifting capacity up to 1.4 tonnes, which will cover the weight requirements of all your Heavy Electric Batteries, Engines and Gearboxes for the Foreseeable Future.

  • Versatile Lift

    To cover the handling and movement requirements for all your Heavy Electric Batteries, Engines and Gearboxes.

  • Safe Lifting and Movement – Comes with a 7 piece Jig Set

    With additional accessories/extension pieces for different height settings, which attach into the threaded hole pattern every 100mm on the Tabletop – to Safely Secure and Move your Heavy Electric Batteries, Engines and Gearboxes.

  • Ease of Use:

    • Lifts up to 1.8m High
      Enables easy extraction of Heavy Electric Batteries from beneath a car on a 2 post lift.
    • Large Tabletop Dimensions
      Length: 1830mm extending to 2130mm; and Width: 800mm – to cover all your Heavy Electric Battery, Engine and Gearbox requirements.
    • Tabletop can be Tilted, sideways by +/- 4.5˚ and lengthways by +/- 1˚
      Tilted as you require for easy extraction/handling.
  • Pneumatic Lift

    By being pneumatic it should be longer lasting than an electric lift, with no potentially dangerous trailing electric cables.

  • Meets the Specification for VWG and Ford

Table Lift with battery
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