Bodyshop Solutions – IRT UV SpotCure – Cure UV Paint in Seconds!

Bodyshop Solutions is very pleased to announce the UK launch of the IRT UV SpotCure, the best performing and most powerful handheld UV curing solution on the market. It is equipped with 4 x 100W LED modules emitting UV and visible light, is easy-to-use and robust, and will enable you to cure UV paint in seconds rather than minutes!! The IRT UV SpotCure uses very high light intensity of UV-A plus a wide wavelength band, to ensure that UV paint is 100% cured every time. Furthermore, it covers a curing area typically 10 times larger than its competitor products, whilst the low energy consumption and the long LED lamp life keep the curing costs per job very low. It is also designed to meet international safety standards and regulations.


Key Benefits over Leading Competitors:

  • Very Fast Curing Time – in seconds!!
  • Most Powerful Handheld UV Spot Cure on the market at 400W (x 4 more power than competition)
  • Achieves x 2 Light Intensity on the surface to ensure 100% cured

(at 8 mW/cm² against the competitor intensity of only 4 mW/cm² )

  • x 10 Larger Curing Area covered
  • Over 20,000 hours LED lamp life

Mark Swaby, Chairman of Bodyshop Solutions, commented: “this is the fastest and most powerful handheld UV curing unit on the market and will really speed up your repair process and improve your profitability. You will be amazed how it cures in seconds!!”       

Please see the very fast UV SpotCure in Action on the following link: 

Please see the UV SpotCure on

For More Information Please Call: David or Emma at Bodyshop Solutions on 01327 300700 (option 3)

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