Bodyshop Solutions – Very Fast “Direct” Aluminium Spotter for Dent Pulling

Bodyshop Solutions is very pleased to announce the exclusive UK launch of the Telwin D-Arc 200 for the “direct” spotting of aluminium hook washers onto aluminium panels. This equipment, which uses short arc technology, has been designed and manufactured by Telwin in Italy and will enable body shops to save significant process time, as no studs are now required or the need to screw hook washers into the studs. In addition, it is simple to use, does not require gas and works at 230v.

Therefore the very fast D-Arc 200 “direct” aluminium spotter will be a real time saver for you!

Features and Benefits:

  • Revolutionary new aluminium spotter for fast dent pulling.
  • Spots hook washers directly onto the aluminium panel.
  • Saves you significant time, as no studs required!
  • 230v and no gas required
  • Fast and Easy to use

Mark Swaby, Chairman of Bodyshop Solutions, commented: “this fast new “direct” aluminium spotter technology will significantly increase your productivity on your aluminium dent pulling, as there are no studs required or the laborious screwing in of hook washers. It is a real breakthrough and will give you a very fast return!”            



Please see the Video of the fast D-Arc 200 “Direct” Aluminium Spotter in Action:


(816160) Telwin D-Arc 200 Set comes with:

  • D-Arc 200 Aluminium Spotter and gun
  • Kit of 50 Flat Hook Washers - AIMg

Other Telwin items available:

  • (804142) Kit of 50 flat hook washers AISi
  • (804141) Kit of 50 twisted hook washers AIMg
  • (804143) Kit of 50 twisted hook washers AISi
  • Welding helmets
  • Pulling Accessories e.g. compact puller, pulling bar

(Safety Note : This spotter must be used with a welding helmet)

For more information please call:

David or Emma at Bodyshop Solutions on 01327 300700 (option 3) and also see the Bodyshop Solutions website on

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