Cameleon Premium – Universal Jig Bracket System

The Cameleon Premium has been developed by Celette to provide users with an excellent “Universal Jig Bracket System” solution for repairing vehicles

cameleon premium

The Cameleon Premium is the top of the range “universal jig bracket system” manufactured by Celette. It comes with all accessories required to repair a damaged car. This is a stand-alone set that is easy to use with its 3D graphics.

The Cameleon Premium universal jig bracket system is approved by Tesla.

Features and Benefits

The Cameleon Premium includes 16 sliding blocks, extra sockets, additional standard plates and more adapters for horizontal and multi angle fixtures.

This is an excellent solution for:

  • The front and rear bumper fixing and positioning

  • The front McPherson strut fixing

  • Four wheel independent suspension positioning

  • Rear shock absorber

  • Cradle points with angle and rear trailing arms with angle

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In addition, the set comes with two universal holding devices which facilitates extra anchoring and holding positions to the vertical fixing points.