EAGLE 3D Electronic Measuring System

The Eagle is a really Fast and Accurate 3D Laser Measuring System, ideal for Diagnostics, which uses Wireless Technology and provides Printable Reports

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The Eagle is a superb new 3D measuring system, manufactured by Celette, which uses a Laser and Targets. It is very easy to use and provides fast and accurate measurements in about 10 minutes, and is particularly useful for vehicle diagnostics and estimating.

Features and Benefits

  • Covers 3D measurements of the vehicle (under body, side body and upper body)

  • Ideal for diagnostics

  • Fast, accurate and easy to use

  • Uses on-line vehicle database

  • Wireless connectivity between the laser gun, targets and software

  • Does not require reference points measurement

  • Levelling of the vehicle is not required

  • Printable results


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