IRT World Leading Infrared Drying

 IRT Infrared is World Leading Paint Curing Equipment and will enable you to achieve “Massive Energy Cost Savings” compared to using a Traditional Bake oven. IRT Infrared Costs up to only 45p (1kW) per  cycle, compared to up to £30 for a Bake Oven. Therefore, use IRT Infrared, wherever possible, in your Curing Process to Save Huge Costs! 

4-2 PcAuto

infrared drying equipment

IRT infrared drying equipment is the global market leader in the refinishing curing industry. The equipment ranges from handheld units, to computer controlled mobile units, rail and arch systems, including pyrometers and distance control, to give you complete control of the curing process and perfect results every time!

IRT infrared is well proven and robust equipment, that is easy to use and achieves really fast drying of fillers and paints with only low energy consumption. The excellent quality and sustainability of the equipment has resulted in it being used extensively by major vehicle manufacturing plants and body shops across the UK, who want to achieve high productivity with low operating costs.

infrared drying equipment

IRT 4-20 PcAuto Rail System

infrared drying equipment


  • Short curing times

  • Easy to use, including pre-set programmes, automatic distance sensors & pyrometers

  • Increased efficiency, using gold-coated FreeForm reflectors

  • Highest quality curing results

  • Reduced energy consumption

  • Robust and durable equipment, with lamp bulb life up to 20,000 hours!

  • Used extensively by major vehicle manufacturing plants in the UK for their fast high quality refinishing

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