IP4-3 MIG Welder

Superb “All-Rounder” Pulse and Double Pulse MIG Welder, with 3 Torches for Steel/Stainless Steel, Aluminium, MIG Brazing, plus ACT for welding thin steel sheet.

The IP4-3 is a superb “all-rounder” Pulse and Double Pulse MIG Welder, to cover all your welding needs. It is manufactured by Wielander & Schill in Germany and is a fantastic versatile and robust MiG Welder, that will give you excellent results and is also easy to use.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Simple operation with 2 button control

  • Welding programs for MIG Brazing, Aluminium, Steel/Stainless Steel and TIG (WIG)

  • Excellent pulse and double pulse welding

  • ACT mode for welding thin steel sheet

  • Very good gap bridging (gap filling)

  • Wire feed using 4 roller precision drive

  • Automatic recognition of welding torch

  • Automatic “hold function” of welding parameters

  • 3 Phase (3 x 400v)

  • Welding Current – up to 240 Amps

IP4-3 MIG Welder (3 torches)
IP4-3 MIG Welder - showing 3 wire spools

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