IRT Infrared Curing of Paint

There is a very high gas cost in using baking ovens to cure paint. With the cost of a bake oven cycle in the region of £12, this means that for any body shop the annual cost is very high. In order to significantly reduce this cost for the paint curing of up to a few panels at a time, it is far cheaper to utilise IRT Infrared Curing Paint equipment, which can completely cure base coat in 4 to 8 minutes and top coat in 6 to 10 minutes.

You are looking at a curing cost of up to only 20 to 30 pence per coat, which is a massive saving over a year, plus the additional throughput that you can achieve with the speed of cure.This is why most of the major car manufacturers in the UK use and trust IRT Infrared Curing Paint equipment for their new car re-finishing, due to it’s speed, quality of cure and it’s longevity.

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