200W UV-A Battery Operated Curing

The IRT UV SmartCure cures UV-A filler
and primer in seconds, with its extremely powerful output, and has two exchangeable batteries.


The (715070-6) UV SmartCure is an excellent hand-held battery operated UV-A curing unit that will give you a very fast and efficient curing solution.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Robust design

  • Safe and fast operation

  • Advanced cooling technology

  • 2 exchangeable lithium-ion batteries, with 45 minutes charging time

  • Ideally works at approx. 100mm from surface, with filler/primer thickness 80-120 μm

  • Will cure 160mm area in only about 10 seconds!!

  • Low maintenance and easily replaceable filter

  • Tested to withstand high impact

  • Flame resistant plastic shell and scratch resistant tempered safety glass

  • Available for 365nm/395nm wavelengths

  • Very lightweight at only 1kg

  • 3 year warranty

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Comes in hard plastic case and has a wall bracket, if required