XPress 800 Workstation

This is a fast “All-in-One” modular riveting tool, approved by JLR, that will cover all your riveting requirements and give you excellent control.


The XPress 800 Riveter + XLogic Workstation is now approved by Jaguar Landrover (JLR). This equipment is an “All-in-One” riveting solution for JLR body shops, covering all self-piercing rivets, blind rivets and riv nuts, that has been specifically developed by the manufacturer Wielander & Schill, in Germany, to meet JLR`s needs.

The Xpress 800 + XLogic Workstation is a very versatile, modular tool, that provides excellent control over input pressure and has an output pressing force of up to 85kN`s – well above JLR`s existing requirements.

The Xpress 800 + XLogic Workstation is very much a “Future Proof” tool, because of its comprehensive riveting use, its significant output power and its modular basis, enabling it to be added to over time.

XPress 800 XLogic Workstation Full Set (F700058) Includes:
1 x Workstation including Xlogic air pressure control
1 x XPress Powerpack
3 x C-Arms GC 80/40, 80/120 and 140/240
1 x Tool Box RS-06 (JLR)
1 x BR 20 blind rivet adapter (2 tonne)
1 x BR 50 blind rivet adapter (5 tonne)
1 x BRN 50 blind rivet nut adapter
1 x Tool Box RS-04 (for BRN 50)

Features and Benefits:

  • XLogic air pressure control guarantees work process reliability

  • Air Pressure tank is integrated in the tubular frame of the workstation

  • Covers Self-piercing rivets, Blind rivets and Riv Nuts

  • Press force between 10kN to 80kN

  • Pulling power for blind rivets up to 80kN

  • 100% compatible with the XPress 800 modules and system

  • Complete modular package that can be added to

  • All-in-One Solution that will “futureproof” your riveting equipment requirements

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Upgrade Set

For those JLR body shops that already have an XPress 800 riveter, this can be upgraded to a JLR approved riveting package by purchasing the “Upgrade Set”, as follows:

1 x Workstation including XLogic air pressure control
1 x Short Stroke Cylinder SSC 40mm
1 x Compressed Air spiral hose 4 m