MEC600 Precise Metal Edge Cutting Tool

Really Fast, Precise Cutting of Door Panels, Wheel Arches, Sill Sections, Roof Edges and Laser Welds, with NO Damage to the Inner Panel/ Skin

MEC 600

The MEC600 is a Unique, Fast and Massive Cost-Saving Pneumatic Tool, using a tungsten carbide special milling cutter. It will avoid costly damage to inner panels/skins and will significantly improve your body shop productivity.

Key Benefits

  • Incredibly fast – and will save you huge amounts of time e.g. cut out a whole roof in only 20 minutes instead of several hours!

  • NO Damage to the Inner Skins /Panels – due to only cutting the depth of the outer skin/panel

  • Great for Doors, Boot Edges, Wheel Arches, Sill Sections and Roof Edges

  • Very Fast Payback on Investment

  • Used to Cut Steel and Aluminium Skins, and also Laser Welds

  • Now Approved by Volkswagen Group

  • Variable angle cutting position

  • Very Easy to Use – and adjust to the right cutting depth of the outer skin/ panel

The MEC600 is now VW approved.

VAS 882005

MEC600 - Metal Cutting Tool In Action
MEC600 - Metal Cutting Tool Set and Case
MEC600 wheel arch cutting

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