FlexiTherm is here!

There has been a problem with sinkage of vehicle joints after being glued, for example where a new roof has been put on a car, resulting in return of the repaired car and re-work on the joints. This problem has been caused by the glue all around the joint not been fully cured after being infrared cured from one side. The innovative FlexiTherm, multi-pad curing system, resolves this problem by ensuring a uniform cure of all the glue, within a mere 45 minutes using pre-set programmes.

It is very easy to use, provides guaranteed results and enables an operator to carry on working on the car at the same time, meaning that the job can be completed far quicker!

To find out more about this multi-pad curing system, call us on 01327 300700 or email sales@bodyshopsolutionsltd.com.

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