Preferred Supplier for Fix Auto UK

Bodyshop Solutions is now the preferred supplier for the Fix Auto repair network in the UK, a business that is pushing the ‘fast repair’ ethos through its new Fix & Go sites.

The fast repair goal is a growing trend in bodyshops across the UK, as it enables more efficient and higher throughput of repairs. This means customers have their car returned quicker and also reduces claims costs for insurance companies. In combination with faster drying pant products and new bodyshop work processes, short-wave infrared is a vital element in this fast repair culture for the rapid curing of both fillers and paints.

Steve Peart, Owner at Fix Auto Swansea, Cardiff and Pontypridd, stated:

“We’ve had the IRT infrared equipment installed at all our Fix & Go centres and have been delighted by its performance. It enables very fast curing of fillers, primers and clear coats, which has significantly helped to improve our productivity and reduce our running costs. It is quick and easy to set up and use the equipment, which has thermal and distance sensors to ensure you get safe consistent results each time. It really is a robust and durable piece of equipment and the follow up training was very thorough.”

To find out more about our Drying and Curing products click here or call us on 01327 300700.

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