Space CCD Wheel Aligner

The Space ARC 76 WS wheel aligner is a fast and easy to use system with 6 cameras and 3D graphics


The Space ARC 76 WS is a superb and well proven active 6 CCD wheel aligner, using Bluetooth, that will really help your productivity.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Easy to use step by step guide to measuring, which offers the user precision and speed

  • 3D graphics display

  • Databank with more than 90,000 vehicles

  • Easy update using Smart Card for quick data bank update, and USB Key to save and restore customer data

  • Bluetooth transmission

  • Quick charging of the measuring head batteries

  • Equipped with STDA35E Professional 3 Point clamps 8″ to 24″, LCD 19″ Screen and S110A7 turntables

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