STARTZILLA – Battery Jump Starters and Testers

The Startzilla LiPO Lithium battery jump starters and testers are an excellent and safe way of starting cars, vans, small boats and lorries with 12V and 24V batteries.


Startzilla 3024 12V/24V

Startzilla 2012  12V

Startzilla 2012 12V

Features and Benefits:

  • Startzilla 3024 12V/24V – is for both 12V and 24V batteries and the Max Starting Current is 3000 Amps

  • Startzilla 2012 12V – Max Starting Current is 2500 Amps

  • Safe to Use – as fitted with protections

  • Ice Start – will work down to -20˚C temperature

  • Tests – checks Voltage at Terminals, Starting Capacity (CCA) and Alternator.

  • Powerbank – with a USB output port

  • Light – high intensity LED lamps

  • Compact and Lightweight

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