TEXA ADAS Calibration

The TEXA RCCS (Radar & Camera Calibration System) provides the complete multi vehicle brand solution for the calibration of ADAS camera and radar systems


TEXA are a highly regarded and well proven Italian manufacturer, who supply market leading equipment for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) for the calibration of the cameras and radar systems, which is an increasing requirement as vehicles become more technologically advanced.

The Axone Nemo RCCS Master Kit

The Axone Nemo RCCS Master Kit provides the complete system solution to allow the technician to carry out camera and radar calibrations quickly and accurately.

Features and Benefits:

  • Complete Diagnostic Tool that can be used both for ADAS and other Diagnostics on the vehicle

  • Includes Autodata, Vehicle Database

  • Easy to Use Software provides an easy to follow process for both Diagnostics and Calibrations

  • Fast and Accurate, and includes a Positioning Mat

  • Covers all Major Vehicle Manufacturers

  • Software Updates and Support

The Axone Nemo RCCS Master Kit comes with:

  • RCCS Calibration Rig

  • Axone Nemo IDC5 Diagnostic Software & Navigator TXT

  • 2 x Self Centering Wheel Clamps

  • 2 x Laser Supports

  • Positioning Mat

  • Calibration Panels for the main vehicle manufacturers

TEXA ADAS Camera & Radar Systems (1)

TEXA ADAS Camera & Radar Systems (2)

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