TEXA ADAS Calibration

TEXA ADAS provides the “Complete Solution”, with the Most Comprehensive Vehicle Brand Coverage, an Excellent ADAS and Vehicle Diagnostic Tool, and a Fast Payback on your Investment.


TEXA is a world leading manufacturer, who supply excellent equipment for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) for the calibration of cameras and radar systems. This is a very fast growing area of the market, and the TEXA ADAS Solution will enable you to complete jobs quickly and efficiently and will generate you significant ADAS revenues.

Key Benefits:

  • Covers all Major Vehicle Manufacturers, including BMW

  • Complete Diagnostic Tool that can be used for both ADAS and Other Diagnostics on the Vehicle

  • Very Easy to Use Software— provides an easy to follow process for both Diagnostics and Calibrations

  • Uses Autodata, Vehicle Database

  • Fast and Accurate, and includes a Positioning Mat

  • Software Updates and Support Provided

  • Customise your TEXA Package – to meet your specific needs

  • Then Add Additional Vehicle Manufacturer Calibration Panels-as required

  • Will provide a Fast Payback on Investment!

Finance Lease – An Affordable Way to Pay for your Equipment, whilst it Generates Income for you

Estimated Finance Lease Figures Per Week

TEXA ADAS – Tailored package to meet your vehicle manufacturer requirements

Indicative Finance Figures Per Week*

“Master Kit” Package

£77.80 + vat (with no deposit)

Wider Vehicle Coverage Package

£100.40 + vat (with no deposit)

*Please Note:

i. To Reduce Initial Payments – a “Low-Start” option is also available over the first 6 months
ii. Lease pricing based on established, limited company businesses over a 5 years lease term
iii. Subject to credit approval
iv. One month`s additional payment required to own the equipment at the end of the lease term

Steve Cook, Managing Director at Fix Auto Sutton in Ashfield, commented:

We are absolutely delighted with our TEXA ADAS system purchased from Bodyshop Solutions – which from Day 1 has given us a brand new profit stream, under our control, instead of sending vehicles out to other suppliers. By spreading the cost over 5 years using lease purchase we only needed about 6 vehicles a month to break-even. TEXA ADAS has a comprehensive vehicle manufacturer package to tailor to your specific needs, plus a fantastic, easy to use diagnostic tool, that also covers a huge amount of diagnostics on the vehicle over and above just ADAS. Highly recommended!”  

Customised To Your Requirements

TEXA ADAS is a “Customised Solution” to meet your needs. However, often the “Axone Nemo RCCS 2 Master Kit” is a very good initial starting point, to which you may want to add on extra manufacturer calibration panels as required.

Axone Nemo Diagnostic Software & Navigator TXT

Navigator TXT, Axone Nemo Diagnostic Software, DOIP Adapter & TPS 

The Axone Nemo RCCS Master Kit comes with:

  • RCCS 2 Calibration Rig

  • Axone Nemo IDC5 Car & Premium Supercar Software & Navigator TXT

  • DOIP Adaptor and TPS

  • 2 x Centering Wheel Clamps and 2 Flags

  • 2 x Laser Heads & 2 x Laser Supports

  • Digital Measures, Digital Centering Laser & Digital Level

  • Positioning Mat

  • Calibration Panels for the Main Vehicle Manufacturers

  • 12 months Car & TPS Texpack Contract

  • 12 months Car Tex@info Contract

Then Just Add: Additional Vehicle Manufacturer Calibration Panels as Required

TEXA ADAS Camera & Radar Systems (1)

TEXA ADAS Camera & Radar Systems (2)

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