TEXA ADAS Calibration


TEXA ADAS provides the “Complete Solution”, with the Most Comprehensive Vehicle Brand Coverage, an Excellent ADAS and Vehicle Diagnostic Tool, and a Fast Payback on your Investment. There is now a new “Digital” RCCS 3 version.

TEXA is a world leading manufacturer, who supply excellent equipment for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) for the calibration of cameras and radar systems. This is a very fast growing area of the market, and the TEXA ADAS Solution will enable you to complete jobs quickly and efficiently and will generate you significant ADAS revenues. It now comes in either,


A “Digital” format, RCCS 3, with a 75 inch 4k definition screen, providing optimal display and meeting the 1:1 proportion ratio, in line with the specifications of every vehicle manufacturer,



In the current RCCS 2 format, with hard calibration panels.


RCCS 3 Digital Screen

Axone Nemo 2 Diagnostic Tablet

TXT Multihub

Key Benefits:

  • Covers all Major Vehicle Manufacturers, including BMW

  • Complete Diagnostic Tool that can be used for both ADAS and Other Diagnostics on the Vehicle

  • Very Easy to Use Software— provides an easy-to-follow process for both Diagnostics and Calibrations

  • Uses Autodata, Vehicle Database

  • Fast and Accurate, and includes a Positioning Mat

  • Software Updates and Support Provided

  • Customise your TEXA Package – to meet your specific needs

  • Will provide a Fast Payback on Investment!

Finance Lease – An Affordable Way to Pay for your Equipment, whilst it Generates Income for you

Estimated Finance Lease Figures Per Week

TEXA ADAS – Tailored package to meet your vehicle manufacturer requirements

Indicative Finance Figures Per Week*

Master Digital Diagnostic Hardware Kit, RCCS 3, (with 12 months updates and technical support)

£85.30 + vat (with no deposit)

Wider Vehicle Digital ADAS Package, (with 3 years updates and technical support)

£115.44 + vat (with no deposit)

*Please Note:

i. To Reduce Initial Payments – a “Low-Start” option is also available over the first 6 months
ii. Lease pricing based on established, limited company businesses over a 5 years lease term
iii. Subject to credit approval
iv. One month`s additional payment required to own the equipment at the end of the lease term

Steve Cook, Managing Director at Fix Auto Sutton in Ashfield, commented:

We are absolutely delighted with our TEXA ADAS system purchased from Bodyshop Solutions – which from Day 1 has given us a brand new profit stream, under our control, instead of sending vehicles out to other suppliers. By spreading the cost over 5 years using lease purchase we only needed about 6 vehicles a month to break-even. TEXA ADAS has a comprehensive vehicle manufacturer package to tailor to your specific needs, plus a fantastic, easy to use diagnostic tool, that also covers a huge amount of diagnostics on the vehicle over and above just ADAS. Highly recommended!”  

Customised To Your Requirements

TEXA ADAS is a “Customised Solution” to meet your needs. However, often the “Master Digital Diagnostic Hardware Kit, RCCS 3” or the “Axone Nemo 2 RCCS 2 Master Kit” is a very good initial starting point, to which you may want to add on extra manufacturer equipment as required.

The RCCS 3 Car Digital ADAS Master Diagnostic/Hardware Kit comes with:

  • RCCS 3 Digital Calibration

  • Axone Nemo 2 and stand

  • IDC5 Car & Premium Supercar Software

  • TXT Multihub

  • 2 x Centering Wheel Clamps and 2 x Flags

  • 2 x Laser Heads & 2 x Laser Supports

  • Digital Measures, Centering Laser & Digital Level

  • Support Bracket for RCCS

  • 12 months Car Software Updates

  • 12 months Car Technical Support

Then Just Add: Additional Vehicle Manufacturer Equipment as Required

TEXA ADAS Camera & Radar Systems (1)

TEXA ADAS Camera & Radar Systems (2)

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TEXA Digital ADAS Brochure

TEXA ADAS Brochure

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