Trisk Infrared Drying

Every part of the TRISK dryer is designed with the body shop in mind. Attention to detail and quality construction ensures years of trouble-free use

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Bodyshop Solutions are proud to be the Exclusive Distributor in the UK & Ireland for Trisk short wave infrared products.

The Trisk brand, manufactured by Hedson Technologies, in Sweden, has been well proven and trusted around the world for many years by the professional body shop market, as well as the car manufacturer market.

The Trisk product range provides high quality fast drying of filler and paint, using only low energy consumption, and will give you high productivity with low energy costs. Attention to detail in design and quality construction ensures years of trouble free use.

  • Fast drying

  • Low energy consumption

  • Easy to use

  • Integrated ventilator in the heads prolongs lamp life up to 15,000 hours

  • Robust and high quality construction for long life


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