Herkules Vehicle Lifts

A wide variety of Herkules pneumatic vehicle lifts, either "on wheel" or "wheel free", depending on the work required

vehicle lifts

We are very pleased to be able to supply a wide range of pneumatic vehicle lifts made by Herkules in Germany.

The lifts are very robust, coming with a 3 year warranty, and are either "wheel free" or "on wheel" lifts. In addition the lifts can be "above ground" or "flush mounted". These are just 2 examples from the range:

The HM1100-01 lift is a fast pneumatic above ground lift, for a "wheel free" lift of the car. The lift can also be fitted with optional wheels and pole handle, so that the lift can be quickly moved around the shop (2.8 ton capacity).

The HLS 1200 DUO -11 is a very versatile pneumatic dual operation lift allowing either "on wheel" or "wheel free" lifting (2.5 ton capacity).

  • Fast Lifting

  • Lifting height up to 1100mm – for efficient working

  • Only 100mm and 115mm minimum height

  • With additional wheels and pole handle it is mobile around the shop

  • Works in small spaces

  • Above ground with no installation required

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