Workbays and Protective Curtains

Wielander +Schill now have an excellent range of Custom Made Workbays, including Aluminium Frames, Protective Curtains, Services, plus all the relevant equipment to meet your requirements.

Workbay Cutain System

We now have the “Complete Solution” for your Workbay and Protective Curtain requirements, from our German supplier, Wielander + Schill. This could be, for example, to create a separate Aluminium Bay, to meet health and safety requirements and also to avoid material contamination. Each Workbay can be made to measure, to suit your specific needs, and is fully installed in your workplace. We can supply from just Protective Curtains and Rails all the way up to a full Workbay with Aluminium Frame, LED Lighting, Compressed Air, Power Supply and all the relevant equipment.

(881672) Welding Protective Curtains – for Professional Workbay Systems

Workbay Cutain System


Heat protection and insulating curtain with special coating.
Material: glass fabric with Alufix coating on one side
Material specification: DIN 1259
Weight per unit area: DIN EN 1212 7
Fire behaviour: SeeBG / US Coastgard | MED/3.18a + MED/3.13 | IMO MSC.307(88)

Green – Visual Privacy Panel
Material: soft PVC | DIN EN ISO 25980

Standard dimensions:
12.10 m x 2.90 m. Adjustments can be made in 1m units.

There is also a VAS version: (932270) VAS 6777A/5

(881748) WS ARENA BASIS – is the basic version of the WS Workbay Systems:


It comprises:

  • High-quality Aluminium Truss Support System

  • Energy-saving LED Lighting

  • Special Welding Protection Curtain (there is also a VAS version)

  • Two stationary compressed air/power supplies units, with a robust rubber housing

  • Made to your dimensions

(881749) WS ARENA PLUS – is the premium version of the WS Workbay Systems:


It comprises:

  • High-quality Aluminium Truss Support System

  • Energy-saving LED Lighting

  • Special Welding Protection Curtain (there is also a VAS version)

  • Mobile Media Supply Trolley, which includes drawers, storage areas, cable and hose reels, power sockets, a telescopic arm mount and USB ports (see details below)

  • Made to your dimensions

Other Relevant Equipment:

(881752) Caremaster Mobile Fume Extractor

Rauchabsauger caremaster

Mobile extraction and filtering unit for extracting and filtering fumes and adhesive vapours generated during thermal joining and cutting of metals and plastics. The unit is equipped with two hose extraction arms with internal joints. A new type of spring support inside the extraction arms allows the arms to be easily adjusted to any position. The suction hood with integrated throttle valve can be swivelled unsupported in any direction. The cleaned air is returned to the work area.

(881090) Mobile Aluminium Dust Extractor

Mobile Aluminium Dust Extractor

Portable vacuum system for aluminium and plastic dusts classification “M”, as well as welding fume. Explosion-proof enclosure, according to ATEX II 3D, suitable for Zone 22. It includes the safety system to protect from the intake from hot sparks, a 5m flow-calming section, as well as adaptors to connect grinding tools and an accessory pack for cars.

(881092) Welding Fumes Telescopic Arm (for Mobile Vacuum Systems)

Telescopic Welding Fume Arm

(881797) Mobile Media Supply

Mobile Media Supply


1 × drawer with closing mechanism
1 × storage niche
2 × cable reel | 15 m | 230 V
2 × hose reel | 14 m
2 × compressed air safety connection with push button
3 × socket | 230 V | CEE 7/3
1 × socket | 400 V | CEE 16 A
2 × USB charging port
1 × brake
1 × tablet holder
1 × magnetic holder
1 × holder for telescopic arm
1 × large shelf
2 × holding and push handle
1 × large shelf

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