Xpress 800

"ALL IN ONE" modular system

 The Xpress800 is the best tool we have bought. Truly amazing. 

David Barclay, CEO at Bodytechnic

XPress 800 basic set

The XPress 800 is a unique “All in One” modular system that will meet all your riveting needs and has features and benefits, including:

  • 8 Tonne clamping pressure

     to cope with high strength steels and large thicknesses and ensure that your rivets are correctly installed. Capacity can be increased to 12 tonne.

  • Variable speed

     for greater control

  • Quick change tooling

    without the need for spanners

  • Easy to use

  • Enables great accessibility on jobs

  • Increases the speed and efficiency in your body shop

  • Add to the tooling attachments

    as you need them

  • Covers: Self piercing rivets; Blind rivets, Blind rivet nuts; Flow form rivets and Clinching

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