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Air Body Saw WPS 2000 | BMW Version – BMWA9500695

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Car Body Repair / Work Shop Equipment

Pneumatic saw with high output for separating work on the body for sheet steel up to 4.0 mm thickness. Designed for heavy-duty operating conditions and long tool life. Designed for a wide range of applications. For daily cutting and separating work in car body construction. Special saw blades made of bi-metal. recommended by:BMW | MINI | Rolls-Royce

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Product information “Air Body Saw WPS 2000 | BMW Version”
Saw-blade 14tpi: For wood, aluminium, compact material, and plastic Saw-blade 18tpi: For tight radius curves, dash board worksSaw-blade 24tpi: For sheet metal combinations up to 4mm Saw-blade 32tpi: For sheet metal up to 1mm

Packing unit: 1 pc.
Air consumption: ca. 0,27 m³/min.
Net weight: 0,810 kg
Air humidity: 10-95%
Working temperature: 0 to +40°C
Air quality (ISO): ISO 8573-1
Vibration: 24 m/s²
Noise level: 81,4 dB(A)
Stroke: 8 mm
Certificatons: CE
Number of strokes: 12000 1/min
Output: 310W
Cutting range: see saw blades
Material: Steel, aluminium, plastic
Working pressure: 6-8 bar
LängexBreitexHöhe: 220 mm
Gross weight: 1,834 kg

1 x WPS 2000 pneumatic saw
1 x waste air hose 800 mm (fitted)
4 x saw blades (14tpi, 18tpi, 24tpi and 32tpi)
1 x saw blade 28 tpi (mounted)
2 x fitting spanners
1 x operating instructions x transport case