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AlMg2,7Mn welding wire | D200 | Ø 1.2 mm | 2 kg (311084)

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Inert Gas Welding Machines - IM 240-i / InvertaPuls
Welding wire on D-200 plastic roll made of aluminium-magnesium alloy with *manganese content (weld seam must be bare metal) for TIG or MIG welding of aluminium alloys. Applicable protective gases (EN ISO 14175) TIG: Argon I1, MIG: Argon I1 and argon-helium mixtures I3

Note: Suitable for InvertaPuls IP 6-2 welding machines

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Net weight: 2,000 kg
Gross weight: 2,200 kg
Packing unit: 1 / pc., 2 kg
Specifics: D200 role, D200 Spule
Diameter: 1,2 mm
Material: AlMg2,7Mn
LenghtXwidthXheight: 200x200x55