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Blind Rivet Nut Adapter BRN50 incl. Pulling Spindles Set -700111

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XPress 800 Riveting Tool System

With stroke length setting, infinitely adjustable, perfect setting control. Pulling force 50 kN, free pivoting and rotating – for rivnuts M4-M12, bolts and studs, etc. Extremely good accessibility, all jobs effortlessly.

  •  700111


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Packing unit: 1 set
Stroke: 0-16 mm
Pivot range: 120°
Self-locking range: 30°
Traction / Press force: 50 kN
Net weight: 2.49
Gross weight: 2.70

1 x blind rivet nut adapter BRN 50
1 x tool box bolt extractors RS-04
(bolt extractor M4,M5,M6, M8, M10, M12)