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Body Line Marking Tool (871015)

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Easy marking and tracking of curved body lines

• Easy marking and tracing of curved, round wheel arch lines, design lines on doors, windows, etc.
• Extendable in size 40 – 160 mm
• Sturdy metal construction
• Built-in pencil sharpener

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Excellent preparation for grinding

The line marker helps you trace and mark the original body lines of a vehicle in one movement. The enclosed pen marks the outer body lines of the vehicle shape, even on difficult round and curved car parts such as wheel housings, doors, etc.

Optimised sanding process due to accurate marking.

Start by applying the putty or primer to the object, dry it, mark the object‘s body lines, use surface protection tape if necessary and start sanding. This is how you recreate the original body lines of the vehicle.

1 × Body line marking tool
1 × Charcoal pencil