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BSS Fully Automatic Tyre Changer (BSS-24XFA)

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The BSS-24XFA Fully Automatic Tyre Machine is capable of handling 12”to 24” wheels.

  • The 3 way assist arm fitted to the machine makes tyre mounting and demounting very easy, especially on stiff beaded low profile tyres.
  • The machine also has a built-in air booster to aid with the seating of the tyres whilst on the machine.
  • The BSS-24XFA is fast and efficient and is perfect for a busy workshop/bodyshop/tyre shop.
  • 240V Single Phase

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 Fully Automatic Tilting Column
 Pneumatic operated 3 way Assist Arm
 Pneumatically operated tyre bead breaker
 Electrically operated turntable (forward and reverse)
 Pneumatically operated jaw clamping
 12” to 24” Rim Clamping
 Built-in Air booster
 Tyre inflator included
 Plastic wheel protector kit included
 240V Single Phase

 12” to 24” Rim Clamping
 240V Single Phase

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