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Celette NAJA 3D Electronic Measuring System (BU:NA.3025WI)

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Naja 3D electronic measuring system for fast and accurate diagnostic checking and repair of vehicles.

This is very easy to use and will help increase your productivity.

Technical equivalent VAS 811001/8

Computerized measuring system for check and repair

  • REF NO:NA.3024WI | NA.3025WI | NA.3026WS

3D Electronic measuring system is one of the worlds most advanced and user-friendly measuring system in
this industry. Celette has been well known for its constant endeavours to provide the best in class collision
repair systems and diagnostic equipment to the car manufacturers and to the end user. We not only provide equipment but also offer technical solutions.


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Naja 3D electronic measuring system for fast and accurate diagnostic checking and repair. This will help increase your productivity.
• User friendly software for fast, easy use
• High accuracy and reliability
• No risk of faulty readings with green (for good) and red (for faulty) symbols
• Bluetooth wireless communication between the computer and the sliding head
• Readings can be recorded and printed for full traceability

Measuring system composed of a graduated scale with sliding measuring arm connected wirelessly through Bluetooth.

Enables measurements to verify and repair all vehicles, with or without mechanical parts installed.

A comparative measuring : measure parts off the vehicle real time measurments during pull process.

1 x 3D Naja + Trolley

Bluetooth key

Installation CD

Please Note: A relevant computer and batteries need to be added to this Naja part number, to have a complete operating package.