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Cleaner Liquid 9PR5 | 400ml 311051

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Alumimium crack detection is used to control damage to the internal microstructure of the metal.

Very often large areas have to be checked for cracking in order to check whether other body parts are affected by a crash. A typical example is the MacPherson strut area.

The testing equipment can be used either directly on welding surfaces or on any surface for crack detection.  The control fluid (9VF2) makes these damages visible.

Note: The liquids and agents do not have any negative properties on welds or on the surfaces where they are used, they can be easily removed from the surfaces with the test equipment cleaner.

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1. carefully clean welding surfaces / surface with Clean CLEANER Ardrox 9PR5
2. apply PENETRATION SPRAY Ardrox 9VF2 and let it work for approx. 10-20 minutes
3. Clean the welding seams / surface carefully again with Clean CLEANER Ardrox 9PR5.
4. apply DEVELOPER SPRAY Ardrox 9D1B until it reacts
5. check welding surfaces / surface for possible cracks

Packing unit: 1 pc.
Content: 400 ml
Gross weight: 0,360 kg