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Dolly removal set WS 93 cpl. (582001)

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• comfortable and light in your hand
• impact-resistant polyamide
• practically without damage to the car paint
• iron-like impact forces


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Product information “Dolly removal set WS 93 cpl.”
1. Powerful removal block:
For bulging out in extreme places and curves, also strong sheets. Ideal for straightening profiles on mudguards
and side walls as well as of front and rear panels.

2. Handy and light conical bar:
Effortless removal of beads and edges, straightening of dents. Can also be used as a powerful lever.

3. Universal cube:
The uni cube surprises with its design. With the help of the groove folds and profiles can be aligned
laterally and also in height. Also an important fitting aid for bonnets and boot lids.

4. Special profile wedge:
The technically sophisticated design gives the profile wedge variable application possibilities. Steel sheets
are precisely straightened by the 90° beating edge. In addition, clean and damage-free work on various body parts.
Can also be used for fine work in particular.

Packing unit: 1 set
Net weight: 2.75
Material: POM

1 x 581001 removal block
1 x 581002 conical bar
1 x 581003 universal cube
1 x 581004 profile wedge