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EZ-Roller Spinner Universal Wheel/ Tyre

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The EZ-Roller Spinner Universal Wheel is an Excellent Mobility “2 in 1” Solution:

  1. In “Spinner Wheel Mode”: Quickly move Electric Vehicles, plus Vehicles with no power, stuck in park mode or where the brakes have seized.
  2. Also, can be quickly changed into “Stationary Wheel Mode”(acting in place of a normal wheel).


•Lightweight thermoplastic material; easy to pick up
•Simple to use Our hub easily bolts onto the vehicle hub in less
than a minute
•Easily rolls forward or backwards on uneven surfaces, gravel,
cracks, lips, lifts and outdoors
•Superior traction
•Spinning action makes the vehicle easy to push
•Works independently of vehicle’s braking system
•Much easier to use than the 2 step hub wheel solution.



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The EZ-Roller Spinner Universal Wheel is an excellent mobility solution, to quickly move electric vehicles, vehicles with no power, or where the brakes have seized.

– Fast, as quickly bolts onto vehicle`s wheel hub, using existing wheel bolts and nuts
– Easily move disabled vehicles around outside or inside a workshop, or on or off a tow truck
– Comes in 4/5 bolt version or 5/6 bolt version
– 22 inch diameter wheel
– Maximum Load 1,000kg per wheel.

Provides ability to push or pull vehicles with no power or stuck in
park onto a tow truck or into a service bay

Heavy duty 10mm steel center, universal 4/5, 5/6 5/8 bolt pattern,
capable of handling high impact wrenches, preventing over torquing

Fastening system is 60º cone seat which enables most OEM bolts
and nuts to fit
•No spacers or washers required.
•Works on all FWD, AWD and RWD vehicles
•Solid TPU tire, has superior traction on any surface
•Handles asphalt, uneven surfaces, downhill or uphill inclines

– Diameter: 22″ x 2.5 EX Roller
– Centre bore: 4 & 5 CB 74.1 and 5 & 6 CB 87.1
– Weight 19lbs | 9.5kg
– Max load recommended: 2200lbs | 1000kg
– Maximum speed: 5mph | 8km/h

Pack of 4 – EZ Roller – Spinner