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Flame Coating Set (341003)

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Stud Welding Machine BSP03

To prepare small and medium aluminium’s surface areas before the riveting-glueing process. Prevents from immediate re-oxidation of the aluminium.

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Product information “Flame Coating Set”
The hand-held flame treatment set FB25 is a surface silicate coating tool using the principle of flame pyrolysis. It burns a gas mix of (propane and butane) and PYROSIL®, consisting of silicon-organic compounds, in the flame, forming a several nanometres thin but very dense and tightly adhesive silicon SiO2–layer on metal, glass, ceramics and plastics

Packing unit: 1 set
Gross weight: 0,800 kg
Net weight: 0.80
Content: 7-part
LenghtXWidthXHeight: 143×85 mm (handset)

1 x Hand burner
2 x 50 ml Pyrosil (dangerous goods)
2 x 50 ml coupling agent
2 x Spatula