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HM 1100

With a Herkules HM 1100 by Hedson lift there is no installation necessary in the work shop, the lift is ready to use immediately. And with an additional set of wheels and pole handle (optional) it is mobile in the shop.
The lift is equipped with swivel arms which easily reach the vehicles’ original lifting points. The radius of the swivel arms also allows for a safe fixing of wide vehicles.

  • 2.8 tons lifting capacity
  • Fast lifting
  • Small space requirements
  • On-ground or flush mounted installations

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The lifting and lowering of the working height is done safely and smoothly with a Herkules HM 1100 by Hedson and increases the access to damaged areas and the ergonomic work process with loading capacity up to 2,8 tons

This lift is available in three types for different demands – on-ground, flush mounted and rail transportation. The lifts are easy to install and facilitate an individual planning of body shops by using the existing space optimally

Due to the low construction height, it is easy to drive the vehicles onto the lift. The work efficiency is increased and the quality is improved by better visual control opportunities due to the easy lifting

Handle and wheels for HM 300-170HM
Fitting frame (concrete), zink 300-204
Fitting frame (grids), zinc 300-318