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InvertSpot GT BM | 400 V | BMW version – BMWA9500735

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Resistance spot welding machine cpl.

InvertaSpot GT: Press & GO Spot welder with Inverter Technology – high quality.

Developed consequently acc. specifications on process stability.Automatic function in standard-mode –

Expert mode and manual mode for ambitious jobs – recommended by:BMW | MINI | Rolls-Royce   

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Product information “InvertSpot GT BM | 400 V | BMW version”
Castor-mounted resistance spot welding machine for body repairs. This machine‘s modern electronic controller automatically identifies the conditions at the join and automatically sets all the necessary parameters.
The machine monitors the entire welding process and makes dependable spot welds.
With transformer inverter technology, the machine uses 65 % less energy than a conventional welding gun machine.
Manuel Mode
Expert Mode
OEM programs
Self-programming via front board
HF-inverter-technology / 10.000Hz.
welding current up to 13.000 A (on the job)
C-trafo-gunC-gun in compact design Electrode arms versatile in use
Welding cable up to 5 m
Water cooling up to the tips
Magnet field exposure and stress far the norms
(EU-Richtlinie 2004/40/CE, EN50505, EN62135-2:2007 und BGV V11/2001)
Welding data saved on SD card
Traceability up to 100.000 welds- paper print out Operation
Simply, multi-lingual menu Updates via SD card – via internet possible Universal programs and professional programs

Packing unit: 1 pc.
Fuse: 32 A
Net weight: 122,00 kg
Flow volume: 5 l/min., 5l/min.
Power connection: L1+L2+L3+PE, L1xL2+L3+PE
Protecton category: IP 21, IP 20
Setting ranges: 0 -13 kA, 0-13 kA
Welding current: DC, AC
Electrode pressure max.: 6,2 kN
Tank capacity: 80 l
Temperature class: A
Power supply (Cu): 4×6 mm² / 10 mm
Continuous output: 35 kVA
Specifics: OEM Approval
Leistung max. (5% ED): 156 kVA
Supply voltage: 3x400V
Open-circuit voltage: 12 V DC
Continuous operation: 2,8 kA
Frequency: 50-60 Hz (+/- 10%)
Welding current max.: 13 kA
Noise level: < 70 db(A) LängexBreitexHöhe: 810x560x750 mm Gross weight: 122,000 kg Lenght: 10 m (power cord) Working pressure: 6-8 bar Certificatons: CE, CE, UL, CCC

1 x Resistance spot welding machine
1 x CS transformer gun 4 m
1 x 495620 C-Arm No. 1 (standard)
1 x 495625 C-Arm No. 3
1 x 495615 C-Arm No. 4
1 x 495606 Electrode Set N° 11 | 90°
1 x 474005 balancer bar straight
1 x 474013 balancer gibbetness
1 x 478041 hook for power supply cable
1 x 474007 wheel set
1 x operation manual