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MINDEN – Dust Extraction Systems

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Minden Dust Extraction Systems provide excellent Customised Solutions for all Workshops, including ATEX systems

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We are very pleased to announce that we are now a supply partner of Minden, Dust Extraction Systems, to further add to our wide product range. Minden are a well proven, UK manufacturer of dust extraction systems, that provide excellent customised solutions for efficient dust removal for all workshops.
Centralised Extraction System
A Centralised Extraction System is a custom designed modular system, to provide you with a powerful and reliable dust extraction solution, built around a primary dust collection unit.

Features and Benefits:
Custom made to accommodate between 3 and 24 workstations, without any reduction in extraction power.
Direct Drive Turbines to provide continuous power, with no belts to slow you down.
Teflon coated triple filters remove 99.9% of dust particles and last up to 3 years (about 5000 hours).
Powder coated smooth curve steel pipework, ensures durability and anti-static efficiency, plus reduced friction to optimise airflow.
Energy Saving features – including automatic on/off switching and an invertor regulating power output
All new dust plants can have ATEX built into the design and installation, or can be upgraded to ATEX later.
Easy to Operate
Low Maintenance