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Nitrogen Plastic Welder with Generator & Trolley 31871

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This innovative and new MWM technology provides an extremely compact
Welding Station, intended to be easily fitted on our trolley. It was in this way achieved the elimination
of the traditional and bulky gas bottle, fully replaced by the Nitrogen
Filter Membrane Generator powered by compressed air which filters Nitrogen needed for the application.

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The new MWM gun is built on a very compact, ergonomic and easy to use handle to move around. It is directly connected to the very compact heating machine through very flexible bundle of cables.

Our MWM PLASTIC SPOT welds staples electrically and is also
supplied on every version on the MWM welding machines. Each
welding machine is also supplied with all needed consumables
as well as some more essential accessories to be able to carry out
quality repairs.

Voltage: 230V
Frequency: 50 ÷ 60 Hz
Plastic Welder Power: 210W
Air Flow: 15 / 20 l/min
Output Flow Capacity: 15 / 20 l/min
Temperature: 450 ÷ 500 °C