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PROLAQ WS -837230

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Cleaning system for paint shop devices as spray guns etc.

The ready-to-use paint and varnish remover PROLAQ WS is characterised by its strong cleaning power with solvent-based and aqueous varnishes. It is also VOC-reduced and label-free in accordance with the CLP regulation, which gives it a special position compared to other paint and varnish removers.

This makes PROLAQ WS a real alternative to conventional washing diluents.

• REMOVES primarily solvent-based and aqueous paints and varnishes
• CLEANS all paint application tools, paint pumps, printing rollers, etc.
• can be used both mechanically and manually
• recyclable ? long service life
• fast and almost residue-free drying
• VOC-reduced and label-free in accordance with the CLP regulation ? Protection for employees and the environment

  •  837230


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Product information “PROLAQ WS”
• in conjunction with the PROLAQ cleaning systems
• wet the parts to be cleaned with PROLAQ WS and remove the paints and varnishes with the continuous brush.
• let dried on varnishes work in if necessary
• suitable for diving applications
• the cleaner is ready for use, which allows a fast filling of the cleaning system.

Packing unit: 1 pc., 1 Stück / pc.
Content: 20 Liter, 20 l
Net weight: 19,900 kg, 19.90
Specifics: no GHS labelling
Gross weight: 21,100 kg
LängexBreitexHöhe: 280x230x420 mm