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Pyrosil Primer Re-fill Cartridge MGK (347005)

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Flame Coating Set

The refill MGK is the operating resource for the hand-held flame treatment device. It is a mixture of Propane, Butane and PYROSIL®. PYROSIL® refill MGK burns in the flame and deposits on the surface in a dense and firmly adhering SiO2 coating.

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Product information “Pyrosil Primer Re-fill Cartridge MGK”
The PYROSIL® precursors are silicon-containing substances and are dosed into a natural gas or propane gas flame for PYROSIL®-treatment (also called silicating). This produces an amorphous silicon dioxide that will deposit on the material surface in a very thin (5 – 100 nm), but extremely firmly adhering layer.

Packing unit: 1 pc.
Net weight: 0.06
Gross weight: 0,060 kg
Content: 27,5 g

UN1950 / Class 2.1/ 203 -75 kg
Aerosols, flammable
ADR Limited quantity 1 L / (D) 2 Attention labelling “UN1950 AEROSOLS”