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Sawblade M42 | 18 tpi | 100 mm | 3 pcs. | BMW version – BMWA9500725

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for car body air saw WPS 2000 / 3000

A great sawblade for extreme tasks. Steel – chassis leg structures – ambitious jobs. The newly developed teeth design prevents from quick goggling. In many cases you will be able to start cutting on surfaces not needing to drill hole first. Thanks to large shoulder the guidance is superb when straight cuts are required.

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Product information "Sawblade M42 | 18 tpi | 100 mm | 3 pcs. | BMW version"
It is recommended to always work with cutting oil or other suitable cutting additives. Hard steels means that the cutting edges of the tools can become very hot. With the appropriate cutting additive, they extend the service life many times over.

Net weight: 0,030 kg
LängexBreitexHöhe: 100 mm
Packing unit: 3 pcs.
Material: Bi-metal
Stroke / M-teeth: -/ 18tpi

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