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Sawblade TCT | 18 tpi | 110 mm | BMW version – BMWA9500746

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for car body air saw WPS 4000

This sawblade is designed for the limit range of cutting for steel and steel alloy up to < 1800 mpa, USIBOR-BORON-BTR – hard -ultra-hard-mega-hard -HLE-TTHLE-… Cold sawing and cutting – no  flying sparks the cutting edges remain cold, no transformation of the metal structures .      

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Product information “Sawblade TCT | 18 tpi | 110 mm | BMW version”
Please always use cutting-oil or any other suitable cutting admixture. Hard steel means the cutting teeth will become very hot. By using the correct cutting additive the life time of the saw-blades will be multipled.

Packing unit: 1 pc.
Specifics: OEM Approval
Net weight: 0,020 kg, 0.02
LängexBreitexHöhe: 110 mm
Lenght: 90 mm (geared)
Material: HSS/ carbide