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Starter Set MEC600 (640081)

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This starter set expands the range of applications of the MEC600 edge milling tool in the standard equipment many times over. For example, laser welding seams can be cut with the round head cutter.

The Drill Wax serves as a lubricant for the ALU milling cutter to optimize the application result and to increase the durability of the ALU milling cutter in general.

The Cutting Oil should always be part of the repair process for every milling cutter application on steel bodies.

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Packing unit: 1 set
Net weight: 0.36, 3.93, 0,00
Gross weight: 0,00, 4.05, 0.45

consisting of:_x000D_
1 x 640069 long life milling cutter round head for Laser welding _x000D_
1 x 640062 milling cutter flat head for aluminum_x000D_
1 x 640051 protection cover_x000D_
1 x 640067 Drill Wax_x000D_
1 x 628000 cutting oil 125ml