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Starter set PROLAQ WS kpl. (837236)

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PROLAQ WS cleaning systemModern
cleaning systems are characterized by cost-effectiveness and resource conservation. These are the main strengths of the cleaners from the PROLAQ WS family. They powerfully remove high-performance coatings and, as an alternative to conventional dilutions such as acetone or ethyl acetate, reduce the risk potential at the workplace. The carefully selected raw materials ensure a low VOC content of the cleaners, minimal odour pollution and thus a more pleasant working atmosphere. Whether solvent-based or water-based coatings, the PROLAQ system offers an optimal solution for every application.

Due to the multi-stage sedimentation, it is possible to increase the service life of PROLAQ WS and to improve the process reliability during gun cleaning. The sedimentation insert can be completely disassembled and thus allows easy cleaning of the system.


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With the stainless steel starter kit, almost any commercially available cleaning system can be reliably converted to the PROLAQ WS system.

– Longer service life of the PROLAQ WS due to optimized sedimentation
– Better handling
– Fits into all common cleaning stations
– Durable thanks to 100 % stainless steelPromps

• A cleaner for water-based and solvent-based paints
• Very long service life compared to conventional cleaners
• Lower disposal and handling costs
• Strong cleaning power
• VOC reduced (45% cleaner)
• Can be used in cleaning machines and manual devices

Packing unit: 1 set
Material: Stainless steel
Content: 3-part
Demensions: 2x[28x23x42]+[63x41x38]
Net weight: 47,700 kg

1 x 20 litre PROLAQ WS
1 x 20 litre PROLAQ WS Rinse
1 x Stainless steel tank (30 litre) with insert for sedimentation of cleaner Prolaq WS