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Stud Welding Machine BSP 03 | BMW version – BMWA9500748

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Car Body Repair / Aluminium Repair

Special stud welding tool for opening standard punch rivet joints (self-piercing rivets). This procedure involves welding special-steel studs onto punch rivets.* Set supplied with work shop trolley incl. gas bottle holder (max. 5 liter)

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BMW | MINI | Rolls-Royce

Come in use in car body repairs in use f.i. at BMW 5er (E60,E61) and 6er (E63,E64) series.

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Product information “Stud Welding Machine BSP 03 | BMW version”
Simplest operation due to infinitely bidirectional regulation of charging voltage
Automatic stabilization of charging voltage
High capacity reserves in borderline cases and in the case of difficult welding tasks
No negative impairment in case of mains voltage fluctuations (-10/+15%)

Packing unit: 1 pc.
Supply voltage: 3x400V (+/- 10%), 3x400V (220V)
Leistungsaufnahme: 24,2 kVA
Power factor: 13,6 KW
Temperature class: – / F2
Protecton category: IP21
Fuse: 35A
Open-circuit voltage: 70V
Certificatons: CE
Welding current max.: 0,8 kA
Welding current: DC
LängexBreitexHöhe: 230x410x320 mm
Specifics: UL certification / OEM approval
Material: Steel heat-resistant
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Net weight: 32,000 kG

1x BSP 03 control unit
1x BSP 03 stud welding gun incl welding cable
2x earth cable + earth vice grip
1x adapter for stud welding Ø 6mm
1x socket wrench 17-17
1x working instructions multilingual
1x CD-ROM Instruction Video
1x pulling studs stainless steel Ø 6 x 40 mm
1x hose for welding gas
1x trolley