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Telwin Inverspotter 14000 Smart Aqua Spot Welder & Access. (823077)

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Excellent, Fully Automatic Spot Welder: • Approved by Mercedes-Benz, Ford, Volvo, Nissan and Fiat Iveco

• Achieves fast welding due to Automatic Recognition of the materials and thickness
• Easy to Use
• Welds all steels, including excellent results on HSS and Galvanised
• Up to 15,000 amps
• Clamping Force of up to 580daN
• Water Cooled

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– pre- and post-heating for interventions on HSS and galvanized metals
– automatic recognition of the arm and inserted tool
– monitoring of mains voltage
– automatic cooling control of machine, clamp and cables
– regulation of approach, slope, welding and holding times
– regulation in pulsed welding
– automatic/manual regulation of pressure between electrodes.
Complete with water-cooled pneumatic gun.

Inverspotter 14000 Smart Aqua 400V +ACC. code 823350
Max. Weld Thickness on 2 sheets = 3 + 3 + 3 mm Three Phase Voltage 400V Max Electrode Power 580 daN Mains Frequency 50 / 60 Hz Duty Cycle 2 % Max Spot Welding Current 15000A Protection Category IP20 Max Load No Voltage 13V Dimensions 80 x 52 x 115cm Max Absorbed Power 68kW Weight100 kg Rated Power X = 50%10 kW Ean Code 8004897986692 Power Factor (cosphi) 0,8 Pieces per Pallet: 1 piece per pallet Invertor Frequency 8000 Hz

Package Includes:
Inverspotter 14000 Smart Aqua Welder, including CA1 “C” ARM L=95mm +Standard Electrode Load Balancer and Pole Kit
CA3 “C” ARM L=300mm +Electrode
CA4 “C” ARM L=500mm +Electrode
CA5 “C” ARM L=42mm +Electrode
CMKA – CAPS Maintenance Kit Aqua
3 x Coolant for Cooling Systems
360 Ring Kit