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Thermo Control Stickers | 132-160°C (311060)

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Inert Gas Welding Machines – IM 240-i / InvertaPuls
To keep control of the temperature – with 6 temperature levels -when heating up aluminium surfaces. For panel works or any structural repairs.


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The simply encapsulated 6-field measuring strips of the Tempstrip series are suitable for applications with limited space and are a cost-effective
Solution for mass use. The self-adhesive strips are used on a large scale for the irreversible indication of excessive temperatures.
They are available in five versions and have a horizontally arranged six-digit display with a scale in °C.

Packing unit: 10 pcs.
Gross weight: 0,010 kg
Dimensions: 12×32 mm
Net weight: 0.01

Packing unit: 10 pc.