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Xpress800 Tool Box RS-06 – Jaguar Land Rover (version 4) (700193)

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The Tool Box RS-06 Version 4 has been released by Jaguar Land Rover for use in its workshops.


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The following applications on JLR vehicles are now guaranteed with Version 4:
– Punching of holes Ø 6.0 mm
– Setting of flow-form rivets (FFN) Ø 6.0 mm
– Setting of countersunk head flow-form rivets (SFFN) Ø 6.00 mm

Note: The description of the applications and individual operations must be taken from the Jaguar Land Rover repair instructions

Packing unit: 1 set
Net weight: 0.44
Gross weight: 0.46

1x E3 setting die for self piercing rivets
2x J1 riveting dies
1x C17 closing die
1x C18 closing die
1x C21 closing die
1x A4 pressing out spike
1x A6 pressing out die 9mm
1x open-end-wrenches
1x F1 extension
1x BL6 punching & pressing out die 6mm
1x C16 riveting die CFFR 6mm
1x C2 riveting die FFN 6mm
1x C1 closing die FFN 6mm
1x K5 punching & embossing die
1x centre punch
20x punching bits