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Transformer Multiphase (353007)

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Airpuller AP95 Dent Pulling System

Power supply for the Airpuller AP95 system. Adjustable acc the local power supply: Flexibly adjustable to the local power supply: Reconnectable single phase 220-240V, 3phase 400V.

Note: This unit is set at works for 400V three-phase AC supply.

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Packing unit: 1 pc.
Fuse: 16 A time-lag
Open-circuit voltage: 7 V
LengthXWidthXHeight: 210x180x390 mm
Gross weight: 16,900 kg, 16.90
Specifics: Sealing time 0,02-0,32 sec.
Net weight: 16,000 kg, 16.90
Leistung max. (5% ED): 6 kVA
Welding current max.: 1,1 kA (1100A)
Certificatons: CE
Working temperature: Up to 40°C
Protecton category: IP21
Material: Steel sheet powder-coated
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Welding current: AC
Supply voltage: 230V/400V (+/- 10%)

1x earth cable 4m
1x earth piece