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VAS 6620A | Cleaning Tool incl. flexible cleaning probe -932251

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Can be purchased exclusively via Volkswagen Logistik Center Kassel | ASE 481 265 01 000

The VAS 6620A cleaning tool is used for cleaning out the drainage channels of retractable sunroofs and, for example, plenum chambers. Contaminants such as leaves or other debris can be easily removed in this manner.

The device has been specially developed for use on all Group brand vehicles and thus replaces all of the applications of its predecessor, the VAS 6620. Initial use: Porsche MACAN

No other comparable product is available on the market.

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Product information “VAS 6620A | Cleaning Tool incl. flexible cleaning probe”
The VAS 6620A is the best solution, because:
• it is versatile and sturdy. The tool features a the 2,5 m flexible cleaning probe that can be pushed without buckling and can also withstand immediately successive changes in direction.
• it meets the latest technical requirements. Its material is so elastic that it can be inserted into the narrower, successive curves of newer vehicle models.
• its use is made easier by the addition of an electric drive, namely any commercially available cordless electric screwdriver.
• it is a good investment in the future of your business, as this type of cleaning can be offered to customers as an added service. You can avoid water damage to vehicles by removing
debris from their drainage channels.

Packing unit: 1 Stück / pc.
Lenght: 2,5 m (Welle)
Net weight: 0,440 kg
LängexBreitexHöhe: 165 mm
Diameter: 140 mm

1x basic device (wire holder)
1x special shaft with flock, length 2,5m
1x protection hose
1x operating instructions printed in DE+GB
1x USP-Stick with operating instructions in 37 languages